About down under drainage

I plumb from a land down under

G'day, I'm Adam — an Aussie plumber in Los Angeles. I moved here 8 years ago with my American wife to start a family. But I also started Down Under Drainage — an L.A. plumbing company that's a tribute to my former homeland and the trade that I love.

Adam smiling as he operates plumbing equipment on a job in L.A.
Adam Rotherham — Owner
My mission

Be a plumber people rave about

Can you remember the last time you received service so good, you couldn’t stop raving about it? Pretty rare these days, right? But that's exactly what I set out to achieve with each and every job. 

Dealing with plumbing problems can be super stressful. The last thing you need to worry about is whether the plumber will turn up on time (or at all!).

Not only that, have they got the skills, experience and gear to get the job done right? Then there’s those cowboys out there who charge like a wounded bull … often for things that don’t even need doing. Perish the thought!

Look, here's the deal Angelino. Giving you the best possible plumbing solution, at a fair and reasonable price, is only the beginning. I'm on a mission to become that plumber you always rave about.

"Adam from Down Under Drainage is legit the best plumber of all time. "
Jai Al-Atas — CEO Big Company
Core values

5 reasons why Down Under will delight you

  • 1

    Aussie know-how

    In Australia, it takes almost as long to become a fully-licensed plumber as it does a medical doctor. It’s a gruelling six-year process, which includes an on-the-job apprenticeship, day school, night school and a probationary period as a “journeyman".

    Now, combine all that training with more than 25 years in the trade and one thing's for sure: you’re getting someone who knows what they’re doing.

  • 2

    Honesty, trust & integrity

    This is what Australian’s mean when they talk about being “fair dinkum”. That’s why I always do what I say, show up on time and put in the work. Plus, I don’t use tactics like bait-pricing and unnecessary upsells.

    If it’s cheaper to fix something rather than replace it, I’ll always give you the option. I get a thrill out of saving people time, money and hassle. And when the work is done, I’m not happy unless you are. If something’s not right, I own it.

  • 3


    I strive for the highest quality in everything I do. The old saying “A job worth doing is worth doing well” was drummed into me by my Dad, bosses and trade-school teachers.

    I work like they’re still watching over my shoulder, critiquing everything I do: “Is that the best solution? Is your work neat enough? Look after your tools!" Being a top-notch tradesman matters to me.

  • 4


    I build upon proven old-school principles with modern technology. If there’s a new and better way of doing something, I learn about it and change course.

    Investing in new ideas and continuous improvement is at the heart of my business. Because you can’t delight clients by operating like it’s 1999. Want proof? Check out our instant online booking system.

  • 5


    Some plumbers claim to treat your property like it’s their own. But what does that actually look like? My promise is to clean up without a trace, which includes taking away any left over trash, old fittings and materials.

    Because there’s nothing worse than a messy plumber, especially in a COVID-19 world. Speaking of which ... learn about our COVID-safe practices.

Adam carrying plumbing tools in a building in L.A.
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