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Are you sick and tired of dealing with clogged pipes at your Los Angeles home or business? Do you feel like you’re flushing money down the toilet with repeat drain snaking that only lasts a few days or weeks?

As an Aussie plumber in Los Angeles, I know there’s nothing worse than than a sewer backup in the middle of a barbie. So it’s time to bring in the heavy hitter: hydro jetting!

Adam the plumber feeding a hydro jetting hose into a sewer
Adam Rotherham — Owner

Hydro jetting: unleash the power of pressure washing for your pipes!

You might be thinking, “what the heck is hydro jetting?” Glad you asked!

Hydro jetting is a state-of-the-art sewer and drain cleaning method that’s tough on clogs, but gentle on your pipes (when done by an experienced professional).

Traditional drain snaking methods only drill holes through blockages, which means things can backup again quickly with all of the gunk that’s left behind. But the beauty of hydro jetting is that it’s like pressure washing for your pipes.

We insert a high pressure hose (up to 4000 psi) with a special nozzle deep into your pipes to blast away blockages and debris into the city mainline - leaving your entire drain system as clean as a whistle. This helps keep it clog-free for much longer than snaking - saving you time, money and hassle.

Benefits of hydro jetting

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Completely cleans your sewer system
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Improves drainage and pipe performance
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Prevents backups and major plumbing problems
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Saves money on regular drain snaking
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Fast and environmentally friendly (no chemicals)

Hydro jetting FAQs

Can hydro jetting damage old pipes?

Hydro jetting is an extremely powerful tool. And like any tool, it can cause major damage in the wrong hands.

So if your pipes are old or damaged, hydro jetting can make things a whole lot worse. That’s why you’ve got to make sure you use a plumber who knows what they’re doing

The good news is we’ve hydro jetted more drains that we’ve had hot dinners. That’s why we know better than to blindly shove a jetter down a drain.

First, we inspect the condition of your pipes using a special sewer camera. And if your pipes aren’t in good shape, we can adjust the pressure of the jetter to prevent any further damage.

But in some cases, hydro jetting might not be possible and we’ll recommend other solutions like snaking, pipe replacement or relining.

Can hydro jetting clear tree roots?

Hydro jetting is great for removing smaller roots from pipes. But in some cases, larger roots may need more than one hydro jetting session, or other methods like drain snaking with specialized cutting attachments.

In the worst case scenario, the pipe and root may need to be excavated. So it’s important to realise that when it comes to clearing tree roots from your pipes, hydro jetting isn’t a silver bullet.

How much does hydro jetting cost?

OK, let’s talk turkey. Our residential hydro jetting service with FREE sewer camera inspection starts at $597. But that's for a simple scenario that looks like this:

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You've got an accessible sewer cleanout
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Your pipes are in good condition
Tick mark
Maximum drain length of 200 feet
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Maximum hydro jetting time of 60 minutes
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No other drain cleaning gear required (e.g. snaking)

You can probably already tell there are a few factors that can lead to a hydro jetting job costing more than our starting price.

First, it depends on the length of your sewer system. If you’ve got a sewer line that's longer than 200 feet and a nightmare to navigate, it’s going to cost you more for hydro jetting.

Second, it depends on how badly things are backed up. If your sewer line is as clogged as a dunny at a chilli cook-off, it could take one hell of a hydro jetting session to clear it out. And let me tell you, mate, that ain’t gonna come cheap!

Third, it depends on the condition of your pipes. If they’re in bad shape, it takes much longer to hydro jet them as we have to go slow and continually adjust the pressure.

Once we get our special sewer camera down your drain, we can see what we’re up against and then give you a clear picture of the cost.

The good news is that hydro jetting is more cost-effective in the long run as it helps keep your pipes flowing smoothly for longer than conventional methods like drain snaking.

How often should your pipes be hydro jetted?

If you’ve got a sewer backup right now, the best time to hydro jet your pipes was yesterday. The next best time is today. Like most things in life, prevention is better (and cheaper) that the cure.

That’s why to keep your pipes flowing like a dream, it’s a good idea to have them hydro jetted every year or two. But if you live in an area of Los Angeles with lots of vegetation, or you’ve got ongoing issues with older pipes, you might need to up the ante.

Adam the plumber hydro jetting a drain

Does hydro jetting always work?

We’ve got a proven track record of clearing clogs that other plumbers either couldn’t or wouldn’t touch (just read our reviews). But even the best of us have faced situations where hydro jetting simply won’t work.

The effectiveness of hydro jetting depends on the condition of your pipes and what’s actually causing the blockage. In some cases, we might have to use a combination of hydro jetting and drain snaking to clear the clog. In others, the only solution might be to dig up a section of pipe.

Is hydro jetting messy or disruptive to your home or business?

The beauty of hydro jetting is that it takes place inside your pipes - it’s not like we’re unleashing a fire hose in your lounge room or lobby.

If you’ve got an accessible sewer clean out on your property, Bob’s your uncle. We can feed the jetter hose into your sewer system with ease. Apart from the noise of the hydro jetter that’s sitting out on the truck, there’s minimal disruption.

But if you don’t have an accessible clean out, things can get a bit messy. We have to find a way to get inside your drain system. And depending on where the clog is, we may have to remove a toilet and snake the sewer line first.

Another option is to go in with the hydro jetter through the roof sewer vent. But that’s risky because it can lead to flooding. That’s why the best option is to install an accessible clean out - every property should have one to enable easy access to the sewer system.

Adam the plumber inspecting his hydro jetting gear

Can you do your own hydro jetting?

If you’re a bit of a DIY warrior, you might be thinking about having a crack at hydro jetting yourself. But it’s not as simple as pressure washing your driveway, mate! Hydro jetting your own pipes without the right equipment and proper training is a recipe for disaster.

Imagine a hydro jetting nozzle hitting you in the guts at 4000psi! It would go through you quicker than a bad burrito. Not only that, you could do some serious damage to your pipes.

Here's the cold hard truth! Hydro jetting is an art and science. It takes years to get good at it. Even if you do manage to avoid injury and damage to your drain pipes, chances are you won’t be able to effectively clear the clog anyway.

So don’t be a DIY drongo and put your health, safety or plumbing at risk. Just sit back, relax and leave it to the hydro jetting professionals at Down Under Drainage.

Commercial hydro jetting

As true-blue experts in drain cleaning and hydro jetting, we don’t stop at residential houses and apartment complexes - we work in commercial settings of all kinds across Los Angeles including:

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Restaurants, hotels and resorts
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Hospital and medical facilites
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High rise buidings
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Schools and universities
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Industrial factories
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Parking garages

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